The book will keep you guessing until the last page.

   Death and Obsession is the second collaborative literary work of Susan Lee and Reggie Caverson.  
   It weaves together two lethal ingredients for a heart-stopping mystery novel that is sure to keep
   readers guessing until the very end.

   Death and Obsession is a work of fiction.  While reflective of legal systems and processes, the    
   characters and plot are figments of the authors' imaginations.  The novel is set against a backdrop of   
   wealth and glamour and explores lives gone rogue.

   Detectives Powell and Hopkins investigate a suspicious death on a remote lake in Northern Ontario,
   Canada.  The officers delve into the twisted lives of four suspects - all of whom could be guilty.
   These individuals neither respect nor follow societal norms.  The story involves: love, lust and 
   obsession;  deceit, lies and marital affairs; jealousy, revenge and stalking, and explores sociopathic
   behaviour culminating in murder... or is it?

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​   It's A Metaphysical World - Extraordinary Stories from Everyday Life, which is a collection of 
   over 100 true short stories authored by Lee and Caverson under their pseudonyms of Williams and    

   This book deals with intuition, synchronicity, astral travel, bilocation, time  warps, past lives, cell and 
   soul memories, healings, hauntings, miracles and sightings.  These  stories challenge conventional 
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